At Holmes Group Advisors we understand that vetting and sourcing deals is an art. And most investors flounder trying to figure out if what they have is an investment or a costly speculation. And 96% of the time, it’s the latter.

In fact, most investors wind up getting fleeced because they let emotions get the best of them or speed-date through the due diligence process.

And that’s NOT the position you want to be in.

Having an experienced professional in your corner who knows the right questions to ask…the HARD questions to ask…Can save you the hassle, headache, and heartache of being taken to the cleaners due to a poor or uninformed investment decision.

Having someone who knows how to structure deals, analyze markets, create debt and equity positions, and valuate assets is critical to your wealth-building portfolio.

Our mission is to make certain you get all the information, data, metrics, and pin-point laser analysis you need to make sound and confident investment decisions.

Deal Analysis

Capital Introduction

Property Analysis

Specialized Opportunities

Strategic Planning

Exit Strategies & Divestitures

Asset Buy & Sell Strategies

Asset Acquisition

Asset Arbitrage

Pitchbook Creation

Distressed Asset Disposition

Debt and Equity Product Placement

Due Diligence: Fairness Opinion

Portfolio Review

Marketing Collateral Creation

Asset Valuation

Cash Flow

Development Feasibility & Analysis

Transactional Structure

Market Research

Risk Management

Operational Management