Holmes Group Advisors can provide customized capital solutions for sponsors looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market. Many of our commercial operators are looking to our firm as a trusted advisor that structures and executes a variety of transactions across the entire capital structure

Many times an investor who has a niche investing strategy that wants to take it to the next level, will form a fund and seek institutional investors in a capital raise and road show

Capital Formation & Structured Finance Experts


A structured products banker, specializing in structured real estate finance


  • Real estate fund and syndication business structuring expertise
  • Thought leadership in the areas of real estate deal structuring and finance
  • Unique background, strong in leadership and structuring risk away from investment decision-making
  • Strong understanding of complex capital structures with the ability to insulate investor risk at the asset level.
  • Proven methodology for helping emerging and experienced fund managers structure offerings.
  • Meaningfully cultivate deal flow in a competitive market leveraging proprietary relationships
  • Ability to save emerging and experienced fund managers thousands in up front, pre-commitment costs.
  • Ability to provide real value at the asset level on assets that are mismanaged by utilizing revenue enhancement strategies
  • Employs back-to-basics underwriting for commercial opportunities leveraging proprietary models.
  • Facilitation of bulk asset trades, and ability to provide price discovery at the asset and portfolio level
  • Facilitates institutional capital introduction
  • Full team of internal analysts with unique investment banking experience and customized, proprietary financial modeling

This is who we can help with consulting services:


  • Capital providers looking to establish a fund or recapitalize, both utilizing institutional investors
  • Established, smaller funds looking to move from their retail investor base to institutional capital
  • Mortgage note purchasers looking for pool valuation and trade desk intelligence.
  • Commercial real estate sponsors who need specialized help with capital structure issues
  • Commercial real estate operators who need sponsorship substitution
  • Experienced commercial real estate sponsors who have a proven track record and are ready to establish a fund (preparation, pitch-book creation, road show preparation, capital introduction)
  • Commercial real estate seconds and partnership breakups
Detail of sponsor’s current business model and capital structure and an understanding of the sponsor’s goal.
Develop a customized structured financial product focused on the sponsor’s market, transactional niche (fund structure, joint venture structure), deal sourcing, and current management operations.
Identification of meaningful and qualified institutional or retail investors.
Prepare the appropriate agreements, submit to escrow, fund, and close.
Identification of investors for subsequent rounds of capital raises, if required.